Requirements to form a Belize Offshore Company

Clients simply need to provide the following documents:

1. Notarized copies of each shareholders and directors passport.

2. Complete and sign the IBC Application Form and Registered Agent Agreement.

3. Professional reference letter from a law firm or accounting firm.

4. Copy of a utility bill showing your name and address


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Services Overview

Offshore banking using Belize banks is easy. You never have to travel to Belize to conduct banking business. From anywhere in the world you can use
the internet, e-mail, courier service, or even by telephone simply contacting your banking representative or through a registered agent. You can also obtain Debit and ATM bank cards accepted worldwide. International currencies
(including USD) bank accounts can be opened in Belize. Contact Us.

Contact Info

Address: Panama city, IPASA Building, 3rd Floor 
Telephone: ++ (507) 227 – 6645 
FAX: ++ (507) 227 – 7485 
Others: 1-800-716-3452 
Skype: polspanama