About Belize Offshore Companies


Panama Offshore Legal Services can form a Belize Offshore Company, also known as a Belize IBC, through our exclusive relationship with an established Belize law firm.

1.  Tax Free income regardless of where the income is earned.  Belize does not have any Tax Treaties with other countries allowing disclosure of Belize Offshore Company records.

2.  Privacy guaranteed since there are no public records of who the directors or shareholders are.  The Register of Shareholders can only be inspected by shareholders or by a Belize Court order at the request by a shareholder...

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Restrictions of a Belize Offsore Company


1.  Offshore companies cannot conduct business inside Belize or carry on business with Belize residents.

2.  Offshore companies cannot own real estate in Belize.

3.  Offshore companies cannot conduct business as a bank, insurance company, reinsurance company, trust services, or collective investments...

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Services Overview

Offshore banking using Belize banks is easy. You never have to travel to Belize to conduct banking business. From anywhere in the world you can use
the internet, e-mail, courier service, or even by telephone simply contacting your banking representative or through a registered agent. You can also obtain Debit and ATM bank cards accepted worldwide. International currencies
(including USD) bank accounts can be opened in Belize. Contact Us.

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